Understanding Child Custody Issues

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How do you ascertain that your childs wellbeing while you are going through a divorce? This is one of the pertinent questions bothering parents filing for separation and/or divorce. It is important to understand the legal directives regarding child custody and visitation in your state before you take any step.

An attorney is your best guide in understanding the Maryland laws in this regard. Before you consult one for this, here are a few important details that could help you get a clearer idea about the issue.

What is the best way to settle the issue? It would be best for the child if the parents could settle the issue by themselves. This makes it less difficult for the child to handle. (They sure would not like to see you two fighting it out).

What happens if the parents are unable to come to an agreement? You may have to opt for a mediator to help you reach a resolution. If this does not work, your attorney may need to litigate the issue and ask the court for a decision.

How does the court decide on this? The only thing that the court takes into consideration is the best interests of the child. To ascertain this, the court evaluates various factors the age, health, lifestyle of the child, the parents profile and status, etc.

What custody decisions are probable? The court may order sole or joint custody. That is you may have complete custody of the child or have to share it with the other parent. Custody is of two types physical (the parent(s) with whom the child stays) and legal (the parent(s) who take decisions regarding the childs upbringing).

Who has higher chances of getting custody? There are no set formulations in Maryland in this regard (no legal preference for mothers). In most cases, the mother gets custody, as she is the primary caregiver.

Can grandparents or stepparents seek custody? As per the Maryland child custody laws, this is possible in certain cases. However, the courts favor that the parents get custody rights of the child.

Do factors, like sexual orientation or religious inclination, affect custody? These factors come into play only if there is any possibility of harm to the child because of these. If they do not hamper the childs well-being, they are of no consequence.

Consult a qualified and experienced attorney to work on your behalf and ensure that you reach a resolution that suits the best interest of the child.

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Understanding Child Custody Issues

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This article was published on 2011/02/18